Adult Camp

Winnarainbow for Adults - 30th Anniversary Year!

Winnarainbow will once again begin our summer season with Winnarainbow for Adults at our beautiful campsite in Northern California's Mendocino County. Directed by that Master of Ceremonies and FUN, Wavy Gravy along with his Co-Director and Master Artist and Teacher Txi Whizz, Winnarainbow for Adults will be full of exciting activities and nightly performances, elegant and wacky circus costumes, daily classes and as always, a fantastic menu from Mom & our superb kitchen crew. 

Let clowning, physical theater, trapeze, music, magic, Butoh dance, masks, felting and art, juggling, bellydance, hip hop, origami, singing and more begin! Stay tuned in early 2016 for our exciting 30th anniversary lineup of actiities and staff! 


“It’s Never Too Late to have a Happy Childhood”

Schedule at a Glance (attend Tue to Sun or any combo of days that your schedule allows)

  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Daily Happenings

registration begins at 2pm

Wavy's Big Class!

Morning reading with Wavy (every morning!!) then choose the class that tickles your fancy... afternoon surprise! 

Try new classes or keep building your skills with amazing artists... afternoon activity TBA

Afternoon activities BIG FUN!

Evening Program Tornado of Teacher Talent-t-t Fire Circle and Labyrinth with Wavy under the stars Dance Party and possibly a camper Tornado of Talent-t-t
  Friday Saturday Sunday
Daily Happenings
Classes and Fun
Afternoon Frolicking TBA
Classes (not too late to join the show!)


2 hour Special Topic Workshops (we are looking to schedule Tie Dye again!)

Evening Program

Kick the Cannes 

Camp Winnarainbow style!

 Adult Camp Big Show Closing Circle and early Big Dinner
June 14—June 19, 2016

$725.00 for 6 fun filled days
or $145.00 per day

Join Wavy, Txi and our amazing master teachers to celebrate our 30th fun-filled year with BIG FUN!

To Enroll: Register online or download and mail in an enrollment application here.

Masked and Unanimous

Why should kids have all the fun? Now is the time to have the time of your life! 
At Winnarainbow for Adults you can:

  • Tailor your holiday to fit your schedule. Come for a day, a weekend, or all six days.
  • Relax in our stunning wooded site in Mendocino County, CA
  • Study with our professional staff of 15+ performers/teachers
  • Enjoy three tasty meals that cater to your dietary needs under a canopy of bay trees
  • Meet fascinating people from around the world to make lifelong friends and expand your network
  • Bring your inner child to our huge costume collection and dress up!
  • Perform on the Rainbow Stage to rounds of applause
  • Walk the meditative labyrinth with Wavy Gravy or on your own.
  • Run away to join our circus!

Wavy’s improv class

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, we have classes to inspire and excite your creativity and curiosity. If you want physically demanding and seek a challenge, or “no–sweat” and want your vacation slow and quiet, our amazing staff offers an exciting roster of classes suitable for students of all ages at all skill levels.

Campers’ ages range from 18 to 80+ and include people from all walks of life. Whether you work on Wall Street or live on Main Street, experience the fun that has made Camp Winnarainbow one of California’s premiere summer camps for the past 35 years. Come to camp and share your sense of humor! And as Wavy says,

“It only hurts when you don’t laugh!”

A truly silly symphony