Adult Camp Teachers

moshe.jpgMoshe Cohen works and creates in the world of the funny. For 35 years now, he has pursued excellence in the elusive art form called Clown, seeking to bring more lightness and laughter into the world through his actions, be it as a teacher, a performer or actor. Moshe discovered his funny as a street performing juggler on Rue Prince Arthur in 1983. He embraced the role of funnyman, or as they say in Quebec, amuseur publique. A pathway quickly opened leading to European Street Theater Festivals, Canadian Children’s Theater and Folk festivals, Theaters, Varieté, Circus … and there is more about that below. He began teaching Clown in 1993 at the San Francisco Circus Center. Dear to Moshe’s heart is Clowns Without Borders, bringing laughter where it is need the most. Moshe has participated in twenty something projects, founded the US chapter, acted as director, international coordinator, and continues on as board member. In 2001, Moshe started teaching Clowning Your Zen workshops with Roshi Bernie Glassman, opening a Just Human and Not Knowing approach to clowning, emphasizing the positive uses that lightness and humor can bring to everyday life. Moshe continues to collaborate with a number of Zen Masters offering workshops interweaving Zen meditation and Clowning practice. Moshe regularly works with Hospital Clown groups internationally. He offers revitalizing trainings focusing on inner-and-outer clown connection, non-verbal expression and improvisation. Working on a year-long team training project (2015-2016) with the open source group @PayPal has brought in a new dimension to his trainings: LIghtfulness, offering skillful tools to en-lighten collaboration in working groups. He brings all of this and Mr. Yoohoo to Winnarainbow Adult Camp and to you!

carrie_3b.jpgCarrie Heller, Founder and Executive Director of the Circus Arts Institute in Atlanta, and a co-founding member of the American Youth Circus Organization (AYCO) is a professional trapeze artist with over 40 years of experience, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and a Registered Play Therapist (RPT). Carrie has traveled throughout the world lecturing on topics relating to both circus arts and Circus Arts Therapy ®, but always comes back to her Winnarainbow community. She has served as a trainer for Cirque Du Monde, a Cirque Du Soleil Outreach Program that uses circus arts to help youth in difficulty around the world. Carrie is the author of the industry’s first Aerial Circus Training and Safety Manual, a guide for teachers and students in the Aerial Arts, as well as several other training manuals focusing on Circus Arts Therapy® Carrie is extremely excited to be returning to camp to teach aerial during adult camp and continue training other teachers this summer!

thessaly lernerCreative force, Thessaly Lerner, was sent to Camp Winnarainbow in 1980, at age 6 and has spent her adult life spreading Camps philosophy, Towards the Fun, to the rest of the world.  Her musical alter-ego, The Ukulady, campaigns for the Downfall of Evil, promoting fearlessness, intellectualism, kindness and creativity through music, comedy, live shows, puppets, animation and more.  In addition, Lerner creates, pitches and produces TV, works in voiceover and is currently making an epic documentary about the women of SF's 60's counter-culture called Psychedelic Women: my mom, her friend's and my friend's moms.   She is thrilled to return to camp and will be teaching ukulele, comedy performance/sketch/creating-memorable-characters and perhaps some ab work... bring your ukuleles to be part of the Camp Winnarainbow Ukulele Orchestra!

kim-2014 3 You might recognize Kim as your extrordinary Adult Camp costumer but this year she will offer a week long Storytelling workshop! Kim Porter is an award-winning, critically acclaimed writer/performer, director, and zealous developer of other people's work (and not just as a means of avoiding her own).  Porter has written over a dozen plays and solo performances since she officially quit acting in 1997. Her plays have been produced in Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, San Francisco and NYC, receiving multiple acalaids and awards.
For twenty years Porter has been facilitating and producing creative writing workshops, coaching solo-performers and storytellers, and story-editing the works of other artists. For the last 18 months she’s been teaching storytelling to older adults with memory loss through the Creative Aging Initiative.
Porter works in a small group using prompts, improvisation, and exercises to jog loose memory and imagination. Working with both the written word and oral traditions of storytelling, she helps the individual artist uncover the story they mean to tell in the manner they mean to tell it. She’s helped develop the work of playwrights, storytellers, puppeteers, poets, dancers, singers, and clowns. She meets the creative artist where they are and therefore her coaching is appropriate for artists at all stage of development from beginners to well-seasoned.

greggtubapony.jpgGREGG MOORE was finishing a half-hearted attempt at higher education in SLC, Ut when he was magically spirited away by the circus in the form of The Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe. This group of dancers were exploring the intersection between dance, physical theater and music and promised to take him to Europe. The next 20 years were spent as a resident of the center for creative thought that is the city of Amsterdam playing experimental music, jazz, folk, blues & reggae musics including forming the eclectic music ensemble Available Jelly as well as 6 years with the world famous Willem Breuker Kollektief. A 10 year association with the neighborhood alternative brass band, Fanfare v.d. EersteliefdesNacht introduced him to the beauty and importance of amateur music making. Family took him to rural Portugal for a further 10 years during which time he was instrumental in introducing the phenomenon of small mobile street bands to the Portuguese cultural landscape with his group Os Macacos das Ruas de Evora. Returning to the US in 2005 and based in his native Humboldt Co. California, he has dedicated himself to more musical communities via a variety of Community Music initiatives. A second attempt at higher education was successful and resulted in the first ever degree in Community Music awarded in the US and an advanced degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 2012.

jack_0.jpgJack Crawford is a Brooklyn-based aerialist and art historian. She holds a BA from Barnard College and is pursuing her PhD at the CUNY Graduate Center. She teaches trapeze, silks, and rope at Aerial Arts NYC in Manhattan as well as Modern Art at CUNY’s City Tech. As a teaching artist, performer and scholar, Jack explores strategies of queer and feminist performance. A loyal member of the Camp Winnarainbow community since age ten, she now serves as a performance coordinator, a staff supervisor, and aerial department head during kid’s camp.

jj_crashbang.jpgJJ Crashbang is a multidisciplinary artist that has explored  visual  and performing arts  for the last 35 years.
He has studied at Dell'Arte School of physical theater  in Blue Lake  ,the National l Circus School in Montreal and Emily Carr college in Vancouver.
 Over the years he has performed at various children festivals,did street theater  in Europe from London to Vienna and has since combined clown, unicycle and  other nonsensical  displays to his performance.
Along the way he has encountered prestidigitation and various forms of shenanigans  which he will share with willing participants.
Come and learn one or more magic tricks that will help you become a legend in your own mind and in potentially others.

ariella.pngAriella Seidenberg has been a lifelong artist. Lately, her primary media are oils, watercolor, and ceramics. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Pratt Institute and taught art for over twenty-five years, mainly at the high school level, before retiring. She loves sharing art experiences and imparting knowledge to others. She prides herself on making art irresistibly accessible, fun, and rewarding. Watercolor is an easily approachable and fun medium that lends itself to quick studies of whatever one wants to capture. She envisions holding plein-air watercolor workshops in various locations around camp.

frankie.jpegFrankie Kerr created, choreographed, and performed her first dance piece at age 6. It was a ballet entitled Death of a Butterfly, and was no doubt inspired by her own (almost) ballet teacher leaving town with all the money. At 9 she borrowed a hammer, pounded some nails flat, attached them to her shoes, and found her passion for tap! She began teaching classes and producing shows immediately, although it would be 3 more years before she would actually take a dance class herself. In 1975, Frankie auditioned for theatre school, ( Studio 58, Langara College Vancouver B.C. ) was accepted, enrolled, attended, dropped out, and was invited back as faculty, where she joyfully remained for the next 41 years. Fortunately, the schedule incorporated a generous amount of time for travel and professional development, which allowed Frankie to partake of rhythms and noise in many places, including the U.S., Mexico, and the UK. One of her favourite stops along the way, was always Camp Winnarainbow. She still remembers by heart, every step after crossing the bridge into camp, and is so excited to do it again! Frankie can’t wait to greet sorely missed old friends, and meet some new ones. Toward the FUN!

Stay tuned for further updates on teachers, menu, classes and more!

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