A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

A typical day at Camp Winnarainbow is designed to give campers the ultimate in circus, performing, and summer camp experiences! Each part of the day focuses on skill building, making friends, being active, while having a massive amount of FUN!

8:30 Let’s Go Cocoa! Campers who are still asleep are awakened by the conch and can go to the kitchen for cocoa. If a camper wakes up early there are staff who help them make their way quietly to the kitchen where there are games, conversation, and cocoa.
8:50 Morning Circle! As Patch Adams says, “Today I woke up and I realized that today is the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!” The camp community sings songs, shares a dream or two, hears about the day (including which tipi is doing dishes for the community and who has laundry), and what’s planned for the evening program!
9:00 Breakfast.
9:30 Tipi Clean Up.
9:45 Morning Reading. Wavy Gravy (and other guest readers) regale the kids with selections from readings such as the IChing, Naruda’s poetry, Dr. Seuss, and The Paper Bag Princess.
10:10 Warm Ups. Campers have a choice of high, medium, or low warm ups for their bodies to be ready for an active day! When we gather back at the theatre we will often do vocal warm ups and breathing exercises (important for any performer).
10:30 Classes. Juggling, stilting, Shakespeare, oh my! From trapeze to tumbling, dancing or clowning, campers never know what they’ll fall in love with until they try! 2 class periods offer campers amazing new experiences as well as opportunities to practice their skills.
12:30 Showtime and Afternoon Activity Announcements! Campers gather back at the theatre for a quick “showtime” to show what they are learning/practicing and for the rest of camp to see what they might experience if they attend a new class.
1:00 Lunch!
1:30 Free time. Campers are free to join the many activities that are happening throughout camp (which can include knitting, art projects, stream walks, ping pong, chess, board games, gymnastics, growing a face paint beard or mustache on facial hair Thursdays, fun at Troll Patrol, and much more). They can also go to the Lake and ride the water slide or swim to the platform and jump off to their hearts content. This is also a time to hang out with friends, play Magic in the living room, dress up at the costume castle, read a book, take a shower or maybe even write a letter home!
5:45 Tipi check-in. Campers connect back in with their counselors and tipi community about their day.
6:00 Dinner Circle. Songs, lake announcements, appreciations, random acts oftheatre…anything and everything happens at dinner circle where our community gathers together to celebrate the day and hear about the evening activities.
6:30 Dinner time!
7:00 After Dinner Free Time. We have after dinner sports, Camper Clubhouse, rehearsals for evening program, juggling, and more. This time is often used to prepare for the evening program – whether it be getting props for their Tornado of Talent act, picking out their costume for the Dance Party, tying up their stilts for the Cabaret, or trying to guess who the guest performer is going to be, after dinner free time is never dull!
8:00 Evening Program! Each night there is a different program, which includes tipi skit night, Teacher Talent, fire circles, Tornado of Talent, Guest Performance, Adventure Night, Dance Party, Movie Night, Cabaret and Cabaret Deux, and the Winnarainbow Awards night (Academy Awards eat your heart out!). Our Performance Coordinators work with all the campers to prepare and polish their acts until they shine like STARS! Campers and counselors join together to watch the amazing performances on the professional outdoor Winnarainbow stage. We laugh, we cry, we are amazed!

The programming and daily structure of Camp Winnarainbow is based on the knowledge that children benefit from experiences of love, empowerment, security, and encouragement. We as camp professionals want to join with you in preparing the kids for their future. Staff are trained to utilize teachable moments throughout each day to help campers gain skills, both applicable to performance and life, that help them create areas of success for themselves. The skills and relationships gained at camp stay with children long after the summer is over!

Camp Winnarainbow welcomes all campers and wants everyone to come to Camp. We can only learn and grow when everyone within our diverse world is part of our community. We do have some limitations in being able to support those who are alter abled or who have medical needs that are beyond the scope of our medical facility. Since we consider each person’s individual story and work to make individualized plans for campers when necessary please call our office to speak with the Director about your Camper’s story and needs to see what we can do.

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