New Years Update Letter to the Community

Dear Winnarainbow Family,
We are writing to let you know about the reorganization of Camp Winnarainbow management, plans for Camp this coming summer, and information about applications for summer adult and teen Staff.

As 2022 begins, Camp Winnarainbow is looking to the future!  The Board has initiated a reorganization process, focusing on how we operate and improve as an organization and how we can continue to honor the founding legacy of Wavy and Jahanara’s almost 50 years of visionary work.  The goals of the reorganization are to increase the involvement of Camp’s incredibly talented, veteran Staff, grow Camp’s capacity to serve campers through the performing arts, and create an increasingly equitable, nurturing, and safe environment for campers and Staff.  We have re-engaged with almost five decades of Camp Staff alumni, providing avenues for community voice as we build a path forward for the next 50 years.  Wavy and Jah are part of this process, and will continue to bring their love, passion and best ideas to Camp as it evolves.

While we are looking ahead, our priority, as always, is to have a great Summer ’22! We’ve built a thoughtful and skilled team who are currently planning a wonderful, FUN, and safe 2022 season. We can’t wait to see you there.

We are delighted to welcome Susan Anderson as the Managing Director of Camp Winnarainbow.  Susan brings decades of educational and non-profit experience to her reprised role in the office.  (Some of you may recall that Susan was the former Winnarainbow Office and Operations Manager for several years.)  Susan will be assisted by longtime year-round staffers, Osayandé Kokayi (point person for scholarships, teen staff, and program development) and Ciarra D’Onofrio on a part-time basis (point person for social media and on-line community events), and the Working Group.

We are grateful for the tremendous expertise, wisdom, and support of the Camp Winnarainbow Working Group.  The Working Group is composed of many seasoned and talented past and current summer Staff professionals, each of whom has volunteered their time to brainstorm and develop ways to make Camp better than ever.

Finally, we are pleased to announce three exciting additions to our Board of Directors:  Zina Goodall, Nicole Hirsch, and Sanje Woodsorrel. Each one brings a wealth of Winnarainbow experience, expertise, and enthusiasm.  While Yatiel, Micah, and Simone Owens will no longer be part of Camp administration, we are very grateful to each of them for their many years of dedication and hard work to make Camp a success. 

This summer the Black Oak Ranch is installing the long-awaited bridge over Streeter Creek, and Camp’s facilities will not be available until July. As a result, we are only holding 3 camper sessions over 5 weeks in 2022

Set Up & Adult Staff Training in Laytonville: July 4-9
Session A: July 11-16
Session B: July 18-30
Session C: August 1-13
Take Down: August 14-17

Adult Staff:
If you are planning or hoping to work at Camp this summer, we can’t wait to hear from you!  Because Camp sessions start later this year, Staff hiring and applications will open later in February or March. Staff will apply using the same online portal as last year. If you, or someone you know, is applying to Adult Staff for the first time, please encourage them to apply online. If you have any questions about applying to be Staff this summer, please email the office at

Teen Staff:
Teen Staff application are now open! For an application, please email

Thanks to the vision and inspiration of Camp founders Wavy and Jahanara, along with the hard work and commitment of our Staff, Board, and Working Group, Camp Winnarainbow has remained a creative and positive force for change during the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will be celebrating our 47th anniversary this year, and look forward to serving our community for another half century!

If you have any questions about Camp or are interested in donating or volunteering, please visit or send us an email.  


Susan Anderson, Managing Director

Girija Brilliant, Co-Chair, Board of Directors

Buzz Blackett, Co-Chair, Board of Directors

Wavy Gravy, Founder

Jahanara Romney, Founder