5 Reasons Every Teen Should Go To Camp Winnarainbow

group of teenagers smiling for camera in the tipi circle

Summer Camp is a magical place for children of all ages, and there are specific reasons why Summer Camp is great for teens. Along with experiencing the magic of summer camp (stargazing at night, circus classes during the day, flying down the water slide in the afternoon, singing together in the evening), Summer Camp is also a place where teens develop important life skills in a unique environment that expands their horizons beyond school and home life. With camps in Berkeley and Laytonville, this Northern California summer camp has unique programming specialized for teens. Here are 5 reasons why every teen should come to Camp Winnarainbow:

  1. Grow as a Leader: Camp Winnarainbow offers unique opportunities for teens to lead their peers and younger campers. Whether as a teen staff or teen camper, teens are encouraged to step into leadership roles under the mentorship of camp staff, gaining life skills that are important in high school, college, and the job world.
  2. Gain Independence: We all know that a lot of growth comes from being away from home (sorry parents!) and in a new environment. Camp is a valuable time for teens to develop their voice and independence and gain responsibility and decision making skills.
  3. Develop Interpersonal Skills: Meeting new friends in your tipi, juggling with someone new, eating dinner at a theme table, hanging out at the lake in the afternoon with new friends… Camp Winnarainbow fosters an inclusive and supportive environment where campers and teens are encouraged to be themselves and to build new friendships– many that end up lasting a lifetime! The experience of meeting new people, being supported for who you are, and building new relationships are priceless life skills.
  4. Learn About Yourself, Others, & the World: Through new classes and new experiences, summer camp provides an opportunity to learn about yourself and to meet people from other walks of life. Winnarainbow focuses on building a diverse community, where we all grow from learning about each other. Through our performing arts and summer camp programming, teens learn about themselves and how they can have an impact on the world. 
  5. Dive into Creativity & Fun: Of course the best part of summer camp is having a ton of fun! Camp Winnarainbow puts creativity, exploration, and fun front and center: circus classes, dance parties, performances every night, fire circles, going down the water slide… the list is endless! If you’re looking for a unique way to spend your summer, learn new things, and have–as Wavy Gravy says–BIG FUN, then Camp Winnarainbow is where you want to be!

Join Camp Winnarainbow this summer:
A Northern California Camp based out of Berkeley, we have programs in the San Francisco Bay Area (Day Camp) and in Mendocino County (Laytonville Residential Camp). We have unique teen programming at both!
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