Our Story

Wavy Shares to campers about WoodstockWinnarainbow is a socially minded, justice focused organization founded by Hippy Icon, Flower Geezer, Poet, Activist Wavy Gravy in 1975. Wavy was later joined by his wife Jahanara, who has been a very important part of creating who we are as a Camp Winnarainbow community.  Utilizing all the ideals and teachings they learned through traveling the world, being a part of their Hog Farm community, and their devotion to “do something good for a change”, the philosophies and values of Camp Winnarainbow were created. Through the years our culture and traditions have been created from the inspiration and ingenuity of the staff and campers who have become the Winnarainbow community. Our motto is Toward the Fun!

Winnarainbow is fortunate to rent our facility in Laytonville from the Black Oak Ranch every summer. The land, with it’s sacred Black Oak trees, beautiful Streeter Creek, wide open field and surrounding mountains are very much a part of the Camp experience. We at Camp acknowledge that we are on Cahto Wylaki Tribal Lands. We also pay respect to the Yuki, Concow Maidu, Little Lake and other Pomo, Nomlaki, and Pit River People’s and extend this respect to all Tribal communities of our region. To read about why our camper’s sleep in tipi’s, which are traditional lodging for the Native People’s of the Plains, please read our We Stand In Responsibility to Be Change page.

A 2nd generation of leaders have been mentored by Wavy and Jah to step into their roles at Camp. This new leadership brings with them the wisdom from Wavy and Jah and a fierce dedication to continue to grow Camp Winnarainbow’s vision to meet the complex world of today and the future. Together we CAN create a peaceful, sustainable, harmonious World!

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