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Wavy Gravy
Wavy Gravy is not your ordinary clown. He certainly has had a long run since his earlier days as a poet and stand-up comic, improvisational theater artist, psychedelic bus caravan luminary, and rock concert MC, and often jokes: “if you don’t have a sense of humor, it just isn’t funny any more.” Yet his reach extends far beyond the comic. He is devoted to “do something good for a change,” and his creative activism on behalf of peace, justice, and good humor is legendary. Along with Jahanara, his wife of over fifty years, he has brought joy and helped to relieve suffering for countless people around the globe, largely through his favorite projects, the Seva Foundation and Camp Winnarainbow. Wavy and Jah's story and contributions to the Camp community are reflected throughout this website since they both are the foundation of Camp. Those of us who are honored to carry on their Legacy will carry on their values and story.
Jahanara Romney
Director Emerita

Jahanara joined Wavy in running Winnarainbow in 1983 and has been an integral part of making Camp what it is today. In Camp's early years most of the campers were children of family and friends. Jah took the vision to expand the community to all children and made it possible. She led the way for Camp to meet all of the ACA Accreditation Standards and we have continuously held Accreditation since 1987.

Jah established the Grace and Joy Scholarship Program and has worked tirelessly to ensure that our community is diverse and inclusive. She taught many of us who are now stepping into she and Wavy's shoes that "when people laugh, eat, play and create together, someone you may have seen as 'other' just isn't anymore".  Jah and Wavy continue to be a part of Camp, advising the 2nd generation leaders and continuing to advocate for a peaceful, sustainable, harmonious world. Of course the best part of the summer is when their grandkids are at Camp with them.

Yatiel Owens, MSW

I am a grandaughter, a daughter, a mother, a wife, an auntie and a sister. I am from Settler Ancestry and stand in Response Ability. I first came to Camp Winnarainbow when I was 15 to work as the dishwasher and was told "together, we can change the world". I found my people! Over the past 30+ years I have been the Head of the Kitchen, Camper Advocate, Supervisor. In 2008 we moved our family to CA to be a part of Camp's succession planning. I never dreamed that I would get to make Camp Winnarainbow my life's work. What a sacred honor.

I was inspired by my Elders to become a Social Worker and have been working with youth and families for over 20 years. I am fierce about what needs to be done for the generations now and those to come. I would call myself a peaceful warrior. I am blessed that I get to do this grassroots, community work of Camp. I get to focus on positive youth development, community building, working with narratives/storytelling and restorative justice for healing, building resiliency, and trauma informed practices. And I get to do all this with my amazing husband and kids and my beloved community. 

Micah Owens
Operations Manager

I grew up in Southern Oregon where I learned to respect the land and work for the People. I first came to Camp Winnarainbow because my dad was hired to be a part of the teaching staff. I was 14 and I had never been in a community like this.  I learned how to participate and be included in a community and culture that was considerably different from my own upbringing. I have learned a great deal personally and professionally at Winnarainbow.

I've worked for Camp in different capacities for over 30 years, from teen staff to maintenance, from stilt spotter to tech department head, in 2016 I left my career in the technology field to become the Operations Manager. I've met most of my closest friends and community at Camp. It is an amazing honor to be a part of this work and  i am dedicated to carrying it for the next generation.

Assistant to the Director

I was born in Oregon and raised in the woods, being homeschooled by my dad and playing outside with my brothers. I was also raised at Camp Winnarainbow. I learned to take healthy risks from the staff (who were like a bunch of aunties and uncles). The counselors knew when to push me and were right there to cheer when I succeeded. When I was 17 Jahanara hired me to be the Office Assistant as my first "real job". I can truthfully say no one really knows what it takes to make Camp happen unless you've worked in the office.

From my parents, grandparents and Elders I learned how to use a strong voice and stand up for what I believe in. I know the value of being trustworthy and loyal. Though I did go off and have adventures after high school, I came back and am honored to work at Camp. Ask me anything about Camp and I will get you the answer if I don't know it.

my brother and I at the Winnarainbow kitchen circa 1999

Osayande Kokayi
Program Coordinator

My name is Osayande Kokayi and I am my Grandmother’s grandson. I am my Mother’s son. I am the son of my Father. I am a Brother and an Uncle. I am a Black Man from Oakland who grew up in a low income household in a low income community and went to low income schools. It wasn’t until I went to Camp Winnarainbow that I realized the world out of Oakland existed. That I didn’t have to be athletic or rap to be successful. Camp showed me that my options were unlimited. This confidence was strengthened through my Family and supported by Camp and has moved me to influence Young People of Color to fight for Justice, Equality and for the Ability to do what we want Without Fear of Racism.

In 2018 I stepped in to the honor of being part of our year-round Administrative Team, bringing a perspective necessary to move us into the next 45 years. From my Family, from my ancestral teachings I teach percussion. I feed, hold, honor and teach the Sacred Drum in our Camp community life. I use West African music and culture to educate and call in voice of our African American families as well as ALL of the kids and community of Camp Winnarainbow. I work to honor and unite all voice, all children, all Generations. Through drumming and being a strong Leader and Uncle I work to bridge all gaps between cultural identities and seek to unite young people with the goal of standing together against social injustices.

Casper Van Der Mei
Outreach Coordinator

My name is Casper Van Der Mei and I am the progeny of two original Hog Farm members.  I feel like one of the luckiest people ever to be part of the family that started Camp Winnarainbow.  I have been a Camp Winnarainbow community member since 1980 and have been on 3 different camp sites; Santa Fe, Mendocino Woodlands, and the Black Oak Ranch.  I am a proud 2nd generation Hog Farmer and Black Oak Ranch community member and from my porch I can hear Camp Winnarainbow sing, laugh and play.  I am a teacher, a mentor, a friend, a brother, uncle, grand uncle.  I have made it my life's mission to work and strive for justice, honor and peace.  I am a fool, a trickster and joker, I am a clown in plain cloths. I believe that laughter is the best medicine, jokes heal boo-boos, smiles are humanities real currency, and everyone together is the best team.  What an honor it has been to be raised in an amazing family with Wavy and Jah and to help continue their vision of Justice, Laughter and Peace.

Ciarra D'Onofrio
Marketing & Development Coordinator

I immediately fell in love with Camp Winnarainbow my first summer at age 7 and have been a part of the Winnnarainbow community for the 19 years since. I joined the year-round staff team last year as the Marketing & Development Coordinator, and will also be Co-Directing Winnarainbow for Adults this summer! During the summers, I’m also a head of the Aerial Department and a Supervisor. Camp Winnarainbow sparked my passion for social justice and creating community through performing arts. I first learned trapeze as a camper, and am now an aerialist who performs and teaches around the Bay Area.

Ciarra Aerials

Silver Morningstar
Restorative Practices Coordinator

My name is Silver Morningstar and I am the son of my mother Charlotte and my father Stacy. I was born and raised in South Berkeley spanning the 70’s 80’s and 90’s living as part of a communal household and extended family who eventually brought me into the camp winnarainbow universe. I first attended Winnarainbow as a 10 year old child in 1987 spending 3 weeks discovering a branch of my community which became a pillar of my growth as a human. My Winnarainbow experience ingrained in me early on the simple, stunning power of community connecting in a circle to sing, play, share and make peace.  These old ways put into action a set of values and gratitudes that energize everyday of my life. I am an advocate for Children, familiy, deep play, restorative practice and healthy relationships. I am honored to have worked for many years in this regard. I am songful. Thank you for being here!

Timmy Yuen
Finance Manager

I joined the Camp Winnarainbow team in the spring of 2002 and have served many roles at Camp from Program Coordinator, Counselor to Director. Born and raised in Santa Paula, CA, I come from a family of immigrants from Hong Kong who came to the United States to make a better life. Having graduated from Stanford with degrees in Drama and International Relations, it has been my life’s purpose to serve the artistic community. It has been one of my greatest honors to work alongside this amazing team of people in the service of all of our wonderful kids.