Day Camp Details

We really excited to announce that we have pulled off the miracle! We are announcing our Winnarainbow Day Camp (WDC) program. Nothing but plain old Camp Winnarainbow Magic happening here! We are taking everything that we know from our 45 years of creating Winnarainbow community magic on the land in Laytonville and translating this to Day Camp: Focus and Variety. We have created a safe, physically distanced and socially connected program.

 Here are the general, cut and dry details:

  1. The location of WDC is 3800 Clark Rd. EL SOBRANTE, CA(click for map/directions). We are renting the East Bay Waldorf School which has 91 acres. We are relying on family/community transportation of campers to and from the school.
  2. The cost for a week is $575. The full tuition for 3 weeks is due in full at the time of registration. We do offer time-pay options.
  3. Camp will run two 3 week sessions. The first session is July 6th to July 24th. The second session is July 27th to August 14th. The hours are Monday through Friday, 9:30am to 3:30pm with early drop off beginning at 8:30am and a paid late pick up from 3:30 to 4:30 – an extra $10/day.
  4. Our sessions are a mandatory 3 weeks due to COVID-19 State and County orders. Even though this is a requirement for health reasons we are excited because this gives us all an opportunity to create, be magic, craft and build community skills and be outside together in a physically distanced and yet socially, emotionally and relationally way together.
  5. Campers will be in “tipi groups” of 12 that will not change in the 3 week session – they will be mixed groups of all people – age, identity – with campers from the same household being placed together to maintain physical distancing principles. Every group will have a Focus and a Variety of activities.
  6. Each tipi group will have 3 Counselors that will stay with them throughout each 3 week session. There will be times when a counselor is teaching a class for a physically distanced group of campers from other tipi’s. As long as we stay physically distanced outside of our tipi groups we will all work as a community together.
  7. Staff will be highly involved in creating the program in the week before camp as well as creating adventures with their tipi group – your camper – during camp. Your camper will have Voice, Choice and be within community. We take COVID-19 restrictions and precautions seriously and within this we will be creative geniuses together!
  8. We are asking families to provide breakfast for your camper before Camp and send them to Camp with their own Lunch. There is an option to pay an extra fee for Winnarainbow to provide lunch. We are contracting with the School Foodies program to provide lunch for our Staff every day. School Foodies is a locally sourced, known food company that will give our community a meat and Vegetarian option, recognize food allergies and is how we can offer a safe individual lunch option.
  9. Winnarainbow will provide snacks and water/juice for your Camper every day as part of the weekly tuition, no extra charge. Know that food and water is a part of our holistic camper care philosophy. Mni Wiconi. Water is Life.
  10. 100% of our staff for Winnarainbow Day Camp have been with us since they were campers and have received extensive training. We complete comprehensive background checks every year. A key to building community is to know each other’s stories and goals. This is what we create together during Camp.  
  11. Winnarainbow Day Camp Staff commits to being tested for COVID throughout the sessions. Camp will provide these and there are also FREE testing sites in the Bay Area. Campers will also be required to be tested as well. We will work with families to make this happen.

Obviously this is a brand new format for our Winnarainbow program. We’re going to bring everything we know and translate it into this new format. All staff, family and camper voice is important and necessary. Along with this patience, a high amount of teamwork and communication and a willingness to breathe will be necessary. What we long for is to provide Winnarainbow in the time of COVID. Thank you for being part of this.