The Value of Camp

Giving the gift of Camp is one of the most powerful ways to put your good where it does the most – for the generations now and those to come. We need your donations today to fund our current year. Our Grace and Joy Scholarship program gives us dollars in hand to make camp possible this year.

We also are forward thinking and need your partnership for the future. Our Leaf Winnarainbow Endowment Fund is banking for our future…making camp possible for generations to come.

There’s a lot of work that needs to be done in the world today. Winnarainbow has always been a socially minded, justice focused organization. What that looked like in the 80’s looks different now for our campers and staff. This is a complex world that we navigate and what we are finding is that our youth are coming to camp ready to talk about change, ready to lean in and learn from each other, ready to question socialized assumptions. The work of our Winnarainbow community, together as campers, staff and families, for the NEXT 45 years is going to be just as powerful and even more important. Doing this work with a sense of humor, a dollop of compassion with a strong community is what we’re about!

2020 to 2021 General Unrestricted

Dear Beloved Community,

 As with many non-profits during this time of COVID-19, we find ourselves working hard to weather this storm. By donating to the 2020 to 2021 Unrestricted Funds campaign you are helping Camp Winnarainbow make it to next year when we will back up in Laytonville together creating Winnarainbow Magic for the world and our Generations.

Each dollar will be carefully used for bare bones “keep the lights on” expenditures. Any excess will be deposited directly into the Grace and Joy Scholarship Fund. We will send out a financial report in January 2021 to keep full transparency with you. Camp teaches us to imagine a world where impossible things become possible, and they happen because we dare to try—together. Now, more than ever, the world needs Camp Winnarainbow. Thank you so much for your continued support!

Toward the Fun! Wavy, Jahanara, Yatiel, Micah, Simone, Osayande, Ciarra, Casper and the entire Winnarainbow Community

Grace and Joy Scholarship Fund
to help a kid this summer

100% of the dollars donated to Camp Winnarainbow Grace and Joy Scholarship Fund are used to make camp possible for kids who would otherwise not be able to attend.

The Impact of Camp, by Wavy
Leaf Winnarainbow Endowment Fund
your legacy gift for generations

This Endowment Fund was started by the Blackett family in loving memory of their son, David Leaf Blackett. Leaf, as he was known at Camp, was a kind, funny and adventurous young man who was loved by all. Our goal is to grow this Endowment to be as big as the love we all feel and use the power of his memory to ensure the future of Camp’s Scholarship program.

Why Give to Winnarainbow’s Endowment
  • You will leave a legacy that supports Winnarainbow’s work with youth far into the future
  • Your support can have an impact far greater and more lasting than you will ever know
  • We will never spend a penny of the principle

If you are interested in more information (including how to transfer stocks, IRA benefits, leave a bequest) please contact Yatiel Owens at (510)525-4304 or

After clicking the Donate Now button Below select the Leaf Blackett Endowment Fund.

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