Happy New Year from Camp Winnarainbow!

Toward the Fun 2021! Camp Winnarainbow Community Newsletter

We at Camp Winnarainbow acknowledge that at our summertime facility we are on Unceded Cahto Wylaki Tribal Lands. We pay respect to the Yuki, Concow Maidu, Little Lake and other Pomo, Nomlaki, and Pit River People’s and extend this respect to all Tribal communities of our region. We acknowledge that at our Day Camp runs on Unceded Ohlone Tribal Lands. We also pay respect to the Miwok and all tribal peoples of our region and the world.

Dear Community, we thought we’d begin this year with some hopeful, positive news! Considering the research to date, guidance from the CDC and other private health organizations and guidance from the American Camp Association, our Board voted for Winnarainbow to hold Day Camp AND Sleepaway Camp Summer 2021.

Day Camp: A Camper Review“3 Thumbs Up”By JORDAN PAYSENO, originally published in Winnarainbow Good Times July 25th, 2020ORJ PLAZA Jul. 24 – As the final day of Session A 2020 came to a close, I sat down with campers Hanna, Kilometer and Octavia to hear their assessments of the new day camp program.“My favorite class was unicycling,” said Hanna, Vermillion [tipi]. “At first, I kept on falling, but eventually something overcame me—like I was possessed—and I started doing these fancy turns. Three weeks and now I’m amazing.”According to recent polls, unicycling was by far the most popular skills class this session, garnering students from all three tipi groups. “I like Camp because you can be yourself,” said Octavia, Ultramarine [tipi]. “At school, I can’t always talk about who I want to be. If I try to talk about Black Lives Matter, some kids will say racist things in response. Here, the people are so friendly, and the counselors will actually talk with you.”On the second Friday of this session, Camp presented Peoples’ Day, an event focusing on social justice with a special focus on racial equity and the recent protest uprising. “Overall, Camp is a very relaxing experience, especially with everything that’s going on,” said Kilometer, Vermillion [tipi]. “It’s nice to not sit in your house all day on your phone. And plus we got to learn bubble letters with Zach.”

We wanted to let you know that we have been hard at work to creatively imagine Winnarainbow 2021 and into the next 50 years. Amidst the challenges of a global crisis, tragic events of racial violence that continue to occur and inspiring actions against systemic white supremacy, Camp is and will continue to work to provide a place for young people to thrive, learn and feel safe in these uncertain times. As we have sung for decades, “We are the Children of Camp Winnarainbow….and if the world wide struggle were a jigsaw puzzle, we’d be the ones left holding the very last PEACE!”

We are blessed to be in direct consultation with Dr. Larry Brilliant, CEO of Pandefense, he is one of the Epidemiologists who helped eradicate smallpox and is now an ongoing Advisor for National and International organizations regarding COVID.

So here’s where we’re at. In Summer 2020 we were able to run a small in-person Day Camp in the East Bay which was super powerful, sweet and full of Winnarainbow spirit. Fully masked we kept in static pods of campers and staff, invented new and interesting ways to sanitize everything and everyone, all the time. We also were able to test every camper and every staff member every week. We learned a lot last summer. 

In order to continue planning and researching we asked you for help. We are humbled by the HUGE generosity all of you have shown. 

Check out the music video called Critical Mass that the Campers from Winnarainbow Day Camp Session A made!

For Summer 2021 we continue to stay on top of all the latest research from the CDC, collaborate with ACA, CA State and our Camp colleagues to make sure we are offering your family and children the safest Camp experience possible. We take this very seriously. 

We would like to call next summer “Toward the Fun 2021”.  

Here is what we are working to offer (stay tuned on Social Media, this email stream and our Website for announcements):

  • Winnarainbow Day Camp at Wildcat Canyon Community Waldorf School, San Pablo CA June 14th – July 17th. We will offer one and two week sessions.
  • Camp Winnarainbow Sleepaway Camp in Laytonville July 5th – August 14th. We need to determine if we can offer one or two week sessions based on County and State guidance.
  • Beginning in February, we will offer a monthly virtual Teen Leadership Program aimed at togetherness and building 21st century skills. The program will include community experiences like virtual Tornados and Fire Circles, performance opportunities, skill building classes, possible in person events, discussions on how we can create equality and peace in our society, and BIG FUN. If you or someone you know is interested in being a part of our teen leadership program or would like more information contact Osayandé: Osayande@campwinnarainbow.org

While we are excited at the possibility of being together as a Camp community, we will only do so when all safety protocols are in place and we’ve met or exceeded all State and CDC protocols. Registration for Day Camp will open in the next couple of weeks 

We have to give a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us – monetarily, through volunteering, through sharing our news and stories and fundraising campaigns in your social media. Winnarainbow is not “out of the woods” – your continued support is needed. Please watch Wavy and Jah’s personal message

Don’t know if you’ve seen the Winnarainbow Online Store! Since we weren’t on the land together last year we decided to offer the merch that we sell exclusively on Big Show Days. We brought everything down from Laytonville, sizes and designs are limited to stock on hand. There are also new items and designs – including Winnarainbow masks! http://store.campwinnarainbow.org/ 

Stay tuned for out announcement of Open Registrations. It’s coming soon! And feel free to email us with any and all questions.

Toward the Fun 2021,

Yatiel and the year round staff.