Letter from Jah and Alumni

August 28, 2020

Hello! This letter is signed by a small group representative of hundreds of Alumni, and myself, Director Emeritus. This year, the Camp we love and know needs our financial and fundraising support.

Amidst the challenges of a global crisis, recent tragic events of racial violence, and inspiring actions against systemic white supremacy, Camp has been working to provide a place for young people to thrive, learn and feel safe in these uncertain times. During this world wide struggle we’re facing today, we believe that our youth need Camp Winnarainbow more than ever.

Many of us have spent lazy summer days and starry nights under the Oak Trees. Hot afternoons splashing in the creek with new friends, deep conversations over cocoa in the morning, magical walks through the Labyrinth with Wavy. For those of you who are parents who sent your kids to Camp we have heard from you what an impact Camp has made on their spirit and how they present themselves to the world. It was devastating that we could not hold sleepaway camp up in Laytonville this summer – not only to the social, emotional, mental and relational health of our campers, but financially. For Wavy and I this was our first summer in the Bay Area since 1983. Many of our staff also could not come and work, which is income that they depend on and magic that they need to survive the rest of the year.

The 2nd Generation staff that Wavy and I trained were able to quickly reimagine how to safely and authentically provide the life-changing Winnarainbow experience in the Bay Area. Put your good where it does the most! After refunding families over $120,000 for Resident Camp and facing total loss of revenue, Day Camp was also a way to generate much needed income as a stop-gap solution. Over 80 beautiful, amazing campers were able to be outside, with old and new friends, wearing masks all the time and testing weekly. Our small staff team were able to translate Winnarainbow culture and community to Day Camp.

We are writing with a plea to help Camp make it to 2021. Many of us have already donated. Thank you! We are appealing to you to give any amount and designate it to unrestricted funds – paying for the bare bones operations until next year’s programming is determined and launched and revenue is coming in.

All donations are tax deductible and any excess over the bare necessities will be placed in the Scholarship Fund, you have our word. When this difficult moment passes, we strive for Camp Winnarainbow to be here.
For so many, Camp Winnarainbow feels like nothing else we’ve ever known. Camp has taught us life skills that we take with us to face the challenges of the world outside and to bring ideals of equity and restorative justice to all of our communities. Together, as a community, we have the power to ensure Camp is possible for the generations to come: after all, they will be the ones left holding the very last Peace.

Wavy and my personal message: “Camp is worth fighting for. Thank you for everything.”

In gratitude and Toward the Fun in 2021, Jahanara Romney, Jundid Suhel Sykes, Nila Devaney, Gabriel Sunday, Hank Oliver, Lealah Dickinson, Jose R. Esteves, Yakira Teitel, Zina Goodall, Nicole Hirsch