What parents are saying

“I want to thank Camp Winnarainbow and the counselors for the absolutely best gift given to my son. He was ecstatic when he called me after camp to tell me all the things he had accomplished. This was his first camp experience away from home, parents, buddies, and school teacher, and he was a bit anxious. He learned so much and gained so much confidence in 6 short days. He did his own thing, made friends, but didn’t “follow”. [My camper’s] experience at camp was truly life changing. We will make this happen for him again next year.” – Sonna

“My daughter has gained a great deal of self confidence from attending camp. She has also been free to be as empathetic and connected as she probably wishes she could be in the “real” world. Winnarainbow is magic for her.

“The best education in peace, community, creativity, fun and self respect and personal growth a kid could ever get. Magical. So grateful to all involved and that this camp had part of my boys lives.” – Chris

 “[My child] lives for camp – it is always the highlight of her year, she always cries as we drive away, and talks about it nonstop for weeks after she gets home.”

Camp has been an incredibly powerful experience for our child since her first one-week session. She knew right away she wanted to go for two weeks the following year and has done that, without question, every year since. We are so grateful to the staff- all of you- for the gift you have given to her. Thank you.”

“The most important [thing] to me is that the boys are the happiest they’ve ever been when they come back. I love the skills [they] learn and the friends they make. Coming back and hearing the teen campers greet my children as family is pretty amazing.”

“Camp is just plain magical!”

“This camp is the best in the world as far as I’m concerned. I went from ages 8-16 and it was one of the huge highlights of my childhood. NOW I have a pleasure to send my 8 year old!! We are getting her packed for session A right now!! I truly can’t say enough great things about Camp Winnarainbow and now my daughter gets to experience the joy!!”

“Goodness abounds at Camp Winnarainbow. If your child is fortunate enough to end up here, they’ll be a better human with love, compassion and creativity in their life for the rest of their days.”

“Learning how to be a part of a diverse, positive, beautiful community; learning how to problem solve with others when things get challenging; learning how to lead with kindness, openness and compassion.”

“Camp is a loving community that teaches the kids to respect and be kind to humans and the environment…[Camp] was always the best part of the year for both of my kids — it was the place where they could be whoever they wanted to be, and have that completely accepted. Both of them have continued on as ”teen staff” after they were too old to be campers, and both have cherished local friends from camp whom they see on a regular basis. They love it, and I love what they’ve gotten from it.” – Kathy (Berkeley Parents Network)

“Camp Winnarainbow should be a part of every child’s education…Such an experience is something every young person should get to have before they forge ahead into adulthood…” – Amy (Berkeley Parents Network)

“Camp Winnarainbow is a fabulous camp… It is chock-filled with everything that makes for a lifetime of great camp memories. Most of the senior counselors have been coming to camp since they were kids, and are living examples of what the camp’s goals for the campers are…The camp’s administration is absolutely amazing and every precaution and care you would want them to take – is taken to a tee. Research and you will find that they have the highest safety rating available to any camp in the country -and the beautiful setting is second to none in Northern CA. Really. This is the very best sleep-away camp!” – Anonymous (Berkeley Parents Network)